Game Story

Here is a list of the Game Rules that ALL players must adhere to at ALL times:

Multiple Accounts: Each player is entitled to only ONE account, we will allow for multiple members of families to have accounts registered via the same IP address / computer, but will keep a close eye on such circumstances. Should this be the case, ensure you do not send gold / gems / items from one account to the other, as this will be flagged up as a multi. Anyone found having multiple accounts will be punished by the deletion of all accounts except the main account, which will have any benefits it has received from the other accounts removed, and will also be jailed for up to 14 days. If you read this after creating more than one account, IMail Rolex with the IDs to be deleted asap, and do not log back into them or transfer anything across.

Auto-Refreshers: Anyone found using an auto-refresher of any sort will be punished by jailing or if they continue to use them further punishment such as deletion. You will need to Email to get this resolved.

Hacking: Anyone found attempting to hack other accounts will be punished by deletion of their own account. This includes any links given to such sites or any programs that will allow this to happen. You can have a friend 'baby-sit' your account for example if you are away for a short time, but only for a short time this will be allowed (if they decide to transfer gems / gold to their own account, we will class this as hacking).

External Trading: Under no circumstances can gold / items / equipment from Ancient Realm be traded for anything out-of-game. Both parties found to be involved in such trades will have their accounts deleted AND both IPs will be permanently banned.

Staff Harassment: If you have any complaints with any member of staff, or disagree with any decisions made by staff, do NOT post these in public, but instead IMail Rolex (ID 1), or Private Message Rolex on the forums. You will receive a response as soon as possible and the situation will be looked into. If you harass staff via abusive IMails or Private Messages, you will be jailed for anything up to 7 days.

Player Harassment: Similar to staff harassment, but obviously if a player reports you harassing them or being abusive, each case will be looked into by the management and actioned as necessary. Bearing in mind, players have the ability to block IMails from any players ingame, take this action rather than continually receive the IMails.

Bug Abuse: Any bug, glitch or security flaw needs to be reported to a member of staff AND Rolex via IMail or onto the forum. If it is found anyone has abused a bug as such, any gain from it will be removed and more, and a 14 day jail sentence applied.

Admin Begging: Do not ask any member of staff for any extra gold, gems, equipment or anything the like. You may ask for help, but staff are limited to the answers they can give, as they CANNOT provide any information on game secrets.

Advertising: Advertising outher websites / games is not alowed not in Imails, Forum or Chat and will result in jail.

NOTE: Repeat offenders will get more extreme punishments until the point comes where they have exhausted any options, to which character deletion and/or an IP ban will be actioned.